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Reliable Service at Balken’s Auto Body

Car accidents are never enjoyable, and for most people collision and accident repair is a hassle, but we aim to change that at Balken’s Auto Body. Our aim is to work for the customer, not for the insurance company and not for ourselves. Our auto body technicians provide high caliber work regardless of the task so that every customer walks away impressed and satisfied with their services. We work with a variety of suppliers to offer you affordable replacement parts and then provide onsite custom paint work so that these same parts look like original components. We offer comprehensive collision repair services, for RV's and Campers. Our experienced technicians are here to provide any frame or paint-less dent repair through out the Fond Du Lac, WI region.

Services We Provide

  • Auto Body Work
  • Air Conditioning
  • Collision & Accident Repair
  • Custom Paint Work
  • Dent & Scratch Repair
  • Fiberglass Repair
  • Frame Repair
  • Frame Straightening & Unibody Repairs
  • Glass Replacement
  • Hail Damage Repair
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Insurance Claims
  • Loaner Cars
  • Measuring
  • Mechanical Work
  • Oil Changes
  • Onsite Estimates
  • Paint Matching
  • Polishing
  • Reconditioning
  • Rental Car Arrangement
  • Restoration
  • RV & Camper Repair
  • Semi-Truck Repair
  • Vehicle Pick-up & Delivery
  • Working With- NOT FOR- Insurance

Commonly Requested Services at Balken’s Auto Body

  • Auto Body Work

    Auto Body Work

    At Balken's Auto Body we offer comprehensive auto body work and repairs. If there is damage to the body of your car, we can fix it. We specialize in collision work but can fix auto body damage from a variety of different sources. Did a tree fall on your car during last night's big storm? Or maybe a pebble hit your windshield while driving along the highway. Or perhaps an unexpected hail storm left tiny dents all over your car. Regardless of what caused the damage, we are the company that can repair it.

  • Collision & Accident Repair

    Collision & Accident Repair

    Proper collision and accident repair are essential to restoring a damaged vehicle to its original safety and appearance. Accidents generally cause large dents in bodywork and more severe accidents can actually alter the shape of your vehicle which is unsightly and unsafe. We work hard to restore your vehicle starting with the chassis and then moving outward repairing and replacing damaged parts until we can finish the job with custom paint work. By the time we are done, there will be no outward indications that your vehicle was ever involved in a collision.

  • Custom Paint Work

    Custom Paint Work

    Paint does more than just make your car look pretty, it is actually similar to your vehicle's outer layer of skin protecting it from deteriorating and rusting away. Therefore, allowing your paint job to fade or rust away will sequentially end up shortening the lifespan of your vehicle. You can halt this process by giving us a call and scheduling an onsite estimate for custom paint work. We use layers of paint to create a factory-type finish that will protect your vehicle for the rest of its lifespan.

  • Frame Repair

    Frame Repair

    Contrary to what some people believe, vehicle frames are meant to be repaired. Our highly trained auto body technicians commonly repair vehicle frames following collisions. In fact, many modern vehicles actually have crush zones built into their frames. These are designed to absorb the energy of a crash so that the rest of the vehicle remains untouched and passengers are cushioned from the full effects of the collision. After a collision, these areas can be replaced. We have the training and experience to straighten or repair vehicle frames following high-speed collisions.

  • RV & Camper Repair

    RV & Camper Repair

    It would be nice if RVs and Campers were somehow excluded from accidents while on the road, but unfortunately, that is not the case. RVs and campers are just as likely to be involved in auto accidents as regular passenger vehicles. If you are involved in an RV or camper collision, then we should be your first phone call. We offer the same great collision repair services to RVs and campers that we offer to personal vehicles backed by our personal satisfaction guarantee.

  • Working With- NOT FOR- Insurance

    Working With- NOT FOR- Insurance

    Our job is not to save your insurance company money, our job is to make sure that our customers get the proper collision and accident repair services at the right price. We do this by working with your insurance company to ensure that repairs are covered, and then offering you an affordable estimate based on the required repairs. Our technicians are highly trained both in terms of expertise and the human touch. At our shop, you are never just a spreadsheet. We know every client is a survivor of an accident that deserves to be treated with respect, honesty, and empathy.